Explore Kathmandu’s best street food that will please your palate.

Traveling is all about the place you go, its customs and culture, the route you take, and most of all, the cuisine you eat. Traveling somewhere isn’t complete without sampling the local cuisine. Nepal is another country with an abundance of native cuisine to offer. Diversity of flavor is the main feature of Kathmandu’s street cuisine. Savor these regional specialties while exploring Kathmandu’s streets.

The top street food options available in Kathmandu.

 These are the best foods that foodies may find on Kathmandu’s streets. On your next visit, make sure to try all of these delicious dishes for Nepali street food:


Momos are without a doubt the highlight of the best Nepalese street food experience in Kathmandu. Even if they go by different names outside of Nepal, like dumplings and dim sum, our beloved momos still exist there. When visiting Nepal, one must sample these famous treats. Beyond the busy streets, a typical meal in every Kathmandu home is momos. What makes this street food in Kathmandu unique is the spicy red chili chutney that is served alongside it.
Where to try: Shandar Momo


This dish is a traditional specialty of the Newars in Kathmandu. Known as the “Newari pizza,” Chatamari is a type of rice crepe. Originally reserved for festivals and special events, this rice pancake has now become a popular snack. You can easily find small eateries and stalls offering delicious Chatamari topped with either eggs or ricotta cheese.

Where to try: Bhoe Chhen


Choila is another popular Kathmandu specialty; it’s a unique Newari meal made mostly of spicy grilled buffalo meat. Choila, which is usually consumed with Chiura, and rice flakes, is spicy and hot. These days, it’s also made with different meats, such as duck, mutton, and chicken, so there’s something for everyone. Try this delicious dish at any local eatery in Kathmandu; it’s frequently on the menu.

Where to try: Himali Kitchen


Crafted through roasting over a natural wood fire, Sekuwa is a traditional delicacy of the Limbu community in Nepal. This Nepalese countryside treat has now gained popularity among Kathmandu’s street food offerings, gracing the local stalls throughout the city. Typically seasoned with a blend of spices and natural herbs, this meat dish offers a flavorful experience.

Where to try: Bajeko Sekuwa


The delicious dish known as Lakhamari is available on Kathmandu’s streets for individuals who have a sweet craving. Butter, sugar, and wheat are the main ingredients of this crispy, light bread. It is very important to Newar culture and is especially seen during their weddings. All of Nepal’s ethnic groups now find it to be more and more popular.

Where to try: Kasthamandap Mithai Bhandar

Sel roti

Sel Roti, a popular Nepalese dessert with a crispy texture and reddish-brown color, is similar to a doughnut. Made mostly of rice, this ring-shaped sweet bread is a mainstay for Hindu holidays such as Dashain and Tihar. Sel Roti has become a well-liked street meal in Kathmandu these days. Its main ingredient is rice flour, and it can be customized with various flavors to suit different preferences.

Where to try: Chettrapati


Similar to Indian samosas, this quick grab-and-go snack is a street favorite in Kathmandu. A tasty potato filling is wrapped in a usually crunchy flour-based outer shell. To improve the stuffing, variations can include adding ingredients like onion, ginger, peas, and chiles. Samosas are a common street snack in the Kathmandu Valley and are frequently served with chutney.

Where to try: TipTop

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a popular Nepalese street food, also commonly enjoyed across the Asian subcontinent. It consists of a fried and crispy hollow puri filled with flavored water. In Kathmandu, apart from Pani Puri, one can also indulge in the delicious Dahi Puris. This variation of the same snack is a common street food in Kathmandu, where instead of water, the puri is filled with curd.

Where to try: Mangalbazar, Patan


Originally from Tibet, Thukpa has become a readily available noodle soup in Kathmandu today. It’s easy to prepare and offers a delicious bowl of broth with options for both vegetarian and meat versions. Enjoyed as a comfort food, Thukpa doesn’t require a special occasion to indulge in its delightful flavors. It’s a satisfying and wholesome meal on its own. You can savor this tasty bowl of Thukpa at the local eateries along the streets of Kathmandu and from food trucks around the city.

Where to try: Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

Aloo Chop

Nepalese homes are a great place to get these tasty bites made with potatoes and chicken. These tamarind-flavored chutney-served aloo chops are a tasty snack that appeals to both residents and visitors. You should try them as a quick and easy street snack option while visiting Kathmandu!

Where to try: Tukche Thakali Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions About Street Food In Kathmandu


Q. What kind of affordable staple food does Nepalese buy in Kathmandu from street vendors?
   A. Dal Bhat is the budget-friendly staple food commonly enjoyed by Nepalese from street vendors in Kathmandu. It’s served as both lunch and dinner, accompanied by Tarkari.


Q. Which street foods are the most reasonably priced in Kathmandu, according to street vendors?

    A. Once on the Kathmandu Tour, you have to try the well-known Pani Puri. This treat is available from Kathmandu’s street vendors starting in the afternoon.


Q. Do Kathmandu’s street food vendors just offer Nepalese food?

     A. No, you can get Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, and Western street food in Kathmandu.


Q. What kinds of real Nepalese food are served by Kathmandu’s street vendors?
     A. In Kathmandu, they provide food from the Himalayas, Khas, Lohorung, Newars, Terai, and Thakali cultures. Both vegetarian and non-vegan cuisines are included here.


Q. Which street meals are the finest to try while visiting Kathmandu during the winter holidays?

      A. The greatest foods to have during the winter holidays in Kathmandu are hot aloo chops and samosas. In Kathmandu, you may purchase them from street vendors at considerably less money.


Q. Do street food vendors in Kathmandu sell vegan meals?

      A. Many restaurants and street food sellers specialize in serving vegan food. Try the well-known vegetarian dishes from the Khas, Newars, and Thakalis.


Q. What times does Kathmandu’s street food come out?

       A. A lot of street food sellers are open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


Q. Is it possible to find meals in Kathmandu when arriving late at night?

       A. Yes, a few eateries and street food vendors are open early to welcome foreign visitors arriving in Kathmandu late at night.

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